Space Puzzle
Have fun exploring the solar system with Cosmic Cubs Space Puzzle. Children learn about the planets while playing this exciting jigsaw puzzle game. This educational and engaging app is for children 3 and up. There are 10 Cosmic Cubs and each represents a planet in the solar system to make learning about the universe fun. Kids learn best though play!
Eco Puzzle
Join the Cosmic Cubs to learn about the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) while having fun! The game is a slide puzzle, where you slide the pieces to recreate the image. There are 24 different puzzles to choose from. Cosmic Cubs Eco Puzzle promotes the development of logical thinking and is designed so that a child can start with the easiest puzzles and progress to more difficult ones while learning. Each puzzle lets children know the ways they can help to save our Earth's natural resources. Cosmic Cubs Eco Puzzle is educational fun for children 3 and up.
Dress Up
Cosmic Cubs Dress Up Game is fun for girls and boys age 3 and up. Children pick a cub, choose a color for their cub's spacesuit and helmet, or pick an exciting costume. They can also select different backgrounds, scenery and decorations for their cub. This app is so much fun!