Explore The Universe With These 3 Cosmic Cubs Children’s Apps! #MDRSummerFun

Your Kids Will Love Exploring With These Cute Cosmic Cubs!

June 15, 2019 by Christina Richard

The summer has started out pretty rainy for us here in the South. I can’t complain too much because i’m not a huge fan of the heat, but while the rain cools us down, it also keeps us inside…a lot. Keeping a 3 year old and a 5 year old occupied indoors for days at a time requires a special skill that I don’t quite have. We try to keep busy and have fun but there’s only so many coloring books to color and movies to watch. At their age, what they learn is so important for them to retain, so I’m always on the search for a fun educational tool for them to keep their brain juices flowing while school is out.

Cosmic Cubs Educations Apps are designed to help your child learn while exploring the world with adorable cubs. There are three apps – Cosmic Cubs Dress Up, Cosmic Cubs Earth Puzzles, Cosmic Cubs Puzzles. Each app encourages your child to use their imaginations while dressing up a cub with tons of colors and accessories or using critical thinking to complete a puzzle. Learn about the 3 R’s, reduce reuse recycle, in the Cosmic Earth puzzle app while doing a slide puzzle. Each app will keep your child wanting to learn more! There are so many different puzzles and activities and there are no time limits, so you child can take their time to learn and explore and their own pace.

About Cosmic Cubs

Exploring the world around you is one of the best parts of being a kid! Take that exploration through our solar system and beyond with Cosmic Cubs educational apps. Cosmic Cubs apps facilitate learning through interactive puzzles, colorful artwork, and compelling facts. Your child will start with the easiest puzzles and progress to more difficult ones as their learning journey continues.

Cosmic Cubs Space Puzzle

This app allows young minds to explore the entire universe… from familiar sights like the sun and moon, to our planetary neighbors, to galactic elements like black holes and nebula.

Cosmic Cubs Earth Puzzle

Focuses on how we can save our earth’s natural resources and make our own world a better place.

Cosmic Cubs Dress Up App

This app allows kids to choose new outfits, backgrounds, and decorations for all their familiar cub friends.

My Thoughts:

My kids enjoying playing this app so much! My daughter loves to dress up the little cubs, adding her own personal touch. My son has always been into puzzles and really enjoys doing them. My daughter is starting to really get into puzzles thanks to this app! These puzzles keep them focused and allows them to use their critical thinking while learning about the solar system and recycling. I love that there are so many puzzles and activities in these apps, it keeps my kids and I both happy! Most noteworthy to me is how long it keeps their attention and that they don’t even realize they’re learning. We love to read the facts together and my kids are interested how everything works. Overall, we are over the moon (no pun intended) about our new Cosmic Cubs educational apps!

Are you a parent looking for a fun, educational app to help stimulate your children’s learning this summer? It’s so much fun and the graphics are phenominal, and your child will learn so much about the universe! It’s a great way to keep your children learning with lots of fun, while also having a little downtime as well. So, instead of your kids playing brain-rotting video games or just being bored with their current games and toys, give them the gift of learning with the Cosmic Cubs apps! They will love the learning experience and you will love enjoying this app along with them.

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