Cosmic Cubs Adds a Coloring Page App to its Repertoire

Cosmic Cubs makes learning about reducing, reusing, and recycling accessible for kids.

By Allison Ingrum August 30, 2019

Cosmic Cubs added a fourth app to their education-based game selection on August 12 for children ages three and above. All apps are available on the App Store and Google Play. Joining Dress Up, Space Puzzle, and Eco Puzzle, will be Color and Learn, a coloring page app in which children can color and learn about the solar system and the 3 R’s–reduce, reuse, and recycle–on the go on a mobile device, making learning portable and more accessible.

Dress Up, the most downloaded app with 400-800 downloads per week, allows children ages three and up to choose a cub, their space suit, helmet, and background. The Space Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle game that educates children about planets, the solar system, and the universe. Eco Puzzle is a slide puzzle format that teaches children the 3 R’s–reduce, reuse, and recycle–while promoting logical thinking and saving Earth’s natural resources. Each puzzle begins easy and progresses to more challenging puzzles, allowing for a sense of accomplishment among kids.

The portable game-based format of all four apps makes learning more engaging and fun on the move, according to Ann Kennis, the creator of Cosmic Cubs.

“Instead of just playing games they are not learning anything from, they are acquiring knowledge and having fun while they are learning,” says Kennis.

Started as a line of stuffed animals sold in planetariums, science centers and eventually specialty toy stores, the company evolved when Kennis’ daughter suggested she move into the digital space.

The company is also in communication with educational departments at organizations such as schools, NASA, and Crayola to build partnerships.

Main Image: Cosmic Cubs started as a line of stuffed animals sold in planetariums and evolved when creator Ann Kennis’ daughter suggested she move into the digital space. Courtesy Cosmic Cubs

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